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Professional drones can be used for video surveillance, police operations and to ensure the safety and management of relief efforts in the event of disasters. In all these contexts, drones represent an exceptional tool to support critical decisions. Special sensors allow you to search for missing persons in the woods, at sea or in avalanches and bring first aid kits as well as report the GPS coordinates to the operations center.


Traffic problems can be easily flown over by an ambulance drone, capable of reaching a programmed point on the map with centimeter accuracy. These drones can be guided to their destination and through integrated voice systems can provide indications to a person who assists the patient.


Through the monitoring and aerial video surveillance from drone it is possible to observe the movements of vehicles and people and assess risks for the community or infrastructures. The control of these movements takes place in real time thanks to long-range HD video transmission systems that transmit live images directly to the control unit. They are also able to automatically patrol predefined areas or border lines thanks to the high precision GPS control systems integrated on board.


It is possible to create customized professional drones with GPS autopilot functions, automatic navigation by points (Waypoints), long-range video transmission even Full-HD equipped with thermal cameras and HD cameras with optical zoom up to 30x able to fly even below the rain with autonomy up to 100 Km.

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